How to Celebrate 2018 New Year

New Year 2018 – the Year of the Earth Dog by Chinese Calendar

A dog is the symbol of the New Year 2018! A yellow dog is the symbol of the year according to Chinese calendar. New Year is the beginning of a new life. All of us believe in fairy tale and wait for a miracle in spite of everything. We hope that our advice will help to make your wishes, hopes and plans true!

New Year of the Dog

What will the New Year 2018 bring round?

The dog is a member of a family and a faithful friend. This animal symbolizes defense and reliability. The dog is kind, clever, honest and devoted. This means the symbol of the year is good to create and smooth friendly and family relationships, to give a birth. Peace and harmony will come to families.

This year will bring success to hard-working people because the dog is an active animal. You will get results if you apply yourself. Dogs are also of impulsive nature. They may be naughty and lazy sometimes. Don't allow these feelings to win over and you will soar to success and make the vision a reality.

How to сelebrate New Year 2018?

Celebrate the New Year's Eve in a family setting or with close friends. Warm and homely atmosphere is the ideal variant for this New Year.

What to wear at New Year 2018?

This is the year of a yellow dog, so yellow and golden colors and tones are desired. Champagne, milk, sand, olive, ivory and creamy are also suitable for the year of the dog. The New Year clothes should be comfortable, simple and not too showy and bright. Avoid red color as dogs are afraid of it. Don't scare away your luck.

New Year Gifts Ideas for Dogs

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What to Cook for New Year 2018?

Dog's needs are few. This means, you can cook simple and nutritious dishes. Meat dishes are in favor because every dog loves it. You can make dishes in dog-shape to be original.