How Much Does the Dog Training Equipment Cost?

What Does Your Dog Need for Training and What is the Price of Dog Gear?

If you're going to start dog training classes, then you'll have to buy special dog training equipment except of dog training classes payment. Please note, that cost of dog training equipment depends on the dog breed!

Nylon Harness

GSD in Nylon Harness Trains with Dog Ball on Rope

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Here is the list of needful dog training gear:

  • soft dog collar
  • pinch collar
  • dog chain collar
  • universal dog harness
  • dog leash
  • metal dog muzzle
  • dog training whistle
  • dog fetch toys (f.e training dumbbel 400 gr in weight, dog balls on rope etc.)lu
  • dog ID tube
  • stop dog pulling device
  • luminant keyfob
  • fingerless leather gloves
  • dog treat bag
  • dog nail clipper
  • dog grooming brush

It's necessary to take care of med kit, there should be hydricervative dioxide, iodine, cotton wool, cotton bandage. You'll pay about 280 for these dog training outfits on a consestimate.

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Dog Fetch BallDog Sport HarnessDog Grooming BrushStop Dog Pulling Device

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