What Do Dogs Need Clothes for?

Dogs and Their Clothes

A few years ago, pet care included only elementary actions - to feed, walk, bathe, comb. Today, dogs get almost the same goods and services as people, though, we must say, many of them are unnecessary for doggies.

Grooming cosmetics, hair cutting and styling, a variety of hygiene procedures and even a manicure are available. A master will make these for your dog in specialized grooming saloons. In addition, you can buy for your pet shoes, clothes, houses, beds, toys with attractive smell and other things. In short, a dog owner has a lot of opportunities to pamper his/her pet, give it good care and modern look.

Nylon Dog Coat
for Rainy Weather

Malinois with Nylon Dog Raincoat on

Sweaters, jackets, suits and vests are the main components of the dog's wardrobe. This is not a whim of the owner, nor a tribute to fashion. Short-haired dogs tend to freeze while walking, especially in countries with a cold climate. It can lead to catching cold or more serious diseases. A good owner visits the clothing store for dogs to buy his/her favourite new thing.

Besides warming, clothes can protect from slush and mud in a rather warm, but rainy weather. It is sewn from fabric, but wonít allow dirt clods to stick on the stomach of the dog. Then you will not have to bathe your pet after each walking, you have to just wash a jumpsuit. This item is particularly relevant for short dogs or pets with long hair. If a dog underwent an operation or was injured, the clothes would be just crucial, it would protect the dog from getting the infection.

Perfect Nylon Dog

Sheltie in Walking Dog Coat Feels Comfort

Of course, somebody buys clothes to make their dogs fashionable and stylish pets. Lately dog fashion shows are held. In these cases owners donít choose everyday clothes, they select expensive and exclusive clothes for their four-legged models.

You should choose clothes for your dog according to its size, not only its breed. In this case the clothes wonít restrict movements of the animal, will be comfortable. Clothing should be loose enough, but rather tight at the same time. For this you need to measure accurately the length of your dogís back, neck and chest girth, otherwise you will face extreme dissatisfaction of the animal refusing to go for a walk.

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