WUSV Universal Sieger Competition 2016

The WUSV Universal Competition 2016

The 6th WUSV-Universal Sieger competition took place in Hermann-Löns stadium of the city Paderborn (Germany) from the 17th to the 19th of June.

WUSV is a universal competition of the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs. It included a breeding competition and a performance competition. Dog handlers and their German Shepherds had to deliver an optimal performance in both of them.

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The participants from the 18 different nations took part in the competition. Only dogs which have been selected by their national clubs were admitted for WUSV 2016. Moreover, the dogs must have earned an IPO3 title according to the WUSV trial regulations, they must have received a show rating of at least "good" at a minimum age of 12 months and their pedigree must show the HD/ED "a" stamp. The winners of the last year (male and female) were automatically qualified for this year's WUSV Universal Sieger Competition and could be added to the team by their national club. Each handler was allowed to lead one dog only.

There were 4 sections of WUSV competition:

  • tracking work
  • obedience
  • protection
  • conformation show

The seating of judges:

Head judge - Egon Gutknecht (Germany)

Deputy head judge - Günther Diegel (Germany)

Tracks supervisor - Peter Mayerl (Austria)

Judge section A - Ernst Riegl (Austria)

Judge section B - Raino Flügge (Canada)

Judge section C - Hari Arcon (SIovenia)

Show judge - Lothar Quoll (Germany)

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The 1st place - Jabina John (handler), Jabina Zlatan (dog) - Denmark

The 2nd place - Recker Ingo (handler), Yendrick vom Hohner Berg (dog) - Germany

The 3rd place - Veth Joeri (handler), Fido von der Hagenmühle (dog) - Norway


The 1st place - Bartels Selina (handler), Finia von den Wannaer Höhen (dog) - Germany

The 2nd place - Schnöll Silvia (handler), Minou vom Timmelsjoch (dog) - Austria

The 3rd place - Carrieri Tommy (handler), Lana du Triangle Magique (dog) - Belgium

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Team results:

The 1st place - Germany

The 2nd place - Belgium

The 3rd place - USA

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