Dog Harness Leashes: Flexi Retractable Leash

Retractable Leash UK for the Dog Harness

It is good to say more about the flexi retractable leash for the dog harness.  Professional dog trainers have diverse opinions. The opponents claim that the use of flexi leash means that the dog pulls the harness with the leash and therefore will not be obedient. The supporters assure that a flexible leash in the case of correct use can be very useful. For example, during the heat or walking in small places or when the dog is still poorly trained with a dog harness to come to its owner by command.

One of the disadvantages of such dog leash for the dog harness that it's hard to hold on to the thin edge of the leash. If the dog jerks at this moment, you can even get the skin burn.

One can improve the flexi retractable leash. Attach a small hook to the end of the leash. To the sling we fasten a 2 m long light nylon leash (see above). What do we get after that? While walking with your pet to the walking space, we use the improved leash like a traditional dog leash - hold the leash in your right hand and check its length with the left hand (your dog should always be on your left). The flexi leash is wound and it is in "Stop" state. Being in the place of walking, you can remove the stop position. Then you give the dog the command "free" and let it go. Such construction is good for dog walking harness, but it can not replace a long leash for training harnesses.

There are leashes of varying length; you can choose them depending on the dog's weight.

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