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Some reviews about our dog muzzles:

1. Muzzle of steel wire, rubberized for winter M10

"Thank-you very much. The muzzle is a great improvement on the one we had. Much more room & he does not try to get it off. I will probably order a spare soon. I am really grateful to someone who went to such effort to look at the measurements and then try to match up with a muzzle rather than just stuffing one in a box and posting it off.

From: Thamon, UK

Video Review of This Winter Dog Muzzle

2. Leather dog muzzle M41

Hi! All products arrived!! We have big joy about the muzzles and the other things. Thank you for the fast production and fast shipping. It is not easy to find good quality here in south america, but with your online-shop and worldwide shipping we have this problem no longer. Thanks!

From: Evelin, Paraguay

Video Review of This Leather Dog Muzzle

3. Basket dog muzzle M9

Good evening! We received a new dog muzzle, it fits the dog`s size, everything is fine.

From: Patricia, France

Video Review of This Wire Cage Dog Muzzle

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