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Dog Bite Training Tug French Linen
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Dog training with bite tugs is useful for full mouth grip building, bite skills improvement and physical development. We offer wide choice of dog bite tugs, which are made by professionals. Only safe and durable materials, such as genuine leather, natural jute, French Linen and real fire hose are used for our bite work tugs producing. We have dog bite tugs of various sizes and shapes for puppies, young and grown-up dogs of different breeds. Our bite tugs are produced according to experience and demands of pro trainers.

Jute dog bite tugs were developed for your canine's comfort and safety. Jute is natural material, which is hard-wearing, hypoallergic and light-weighted. Our jute bite tugs are practical and handy in use. They don't thin off dog's teeth and are safe for health. Bite tugs, rolls, rags and pads of jute are available in our online dog store.

French Linen bite tugs are extra strong and dog-friendly. Bite tug of French Linen will help you to prepare the dog for further training with bite sleeves as they are made of this material. French Linen dog bite tugs are also safe for dog's teeth and health.

Leather bite tugs for dogs are perfect for biting skills development of young and adult canines. Natural leather is 100% safe and reliable material for your canine.

Fire hose bite tugs are widely used by experienced trainers. They are perfect for bite, obedience and prey drive training. Bite tugs of fire hose are absolutely safe for health and teeth of the dog. We also have bite tugs sets that will help you to save money and to get all the necessary tools for dog training. Many of sets go with gifts! Use professional bite tugs to train your dog safely and effectively!

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Watch the Video of American Bulldog Training with Leather Bite Tug

Look How Black Russian Terrier and Other Dogs Train with Fire Hose Bite Tug

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