Shock Muzzles - Legal Protection

We keep dogs for different purposes, for instance to guard us and our territory. We buy service dogs, pay for their training, but not many people know that using such a dog is illegal.It is excess of self-defense. So you have to consider all pros and cons before you buy a service dog.

 Closed leather muzzle
It is different, when your rival is armed. You are on the horns of a dilemma. Be ready for trails and be aware: because of the dangerous dogs hysteria in the mass media the people will not be on your side. Add the increase of legislative pressure.
Even if a robber invaded into your private territory and was attacked by your shepherd, you will still have lots of problems. And imagine it was not a robber, but a 120year-old boy who wanted to pick up his ball, that rolled into you garden? You will be the enemy # 2 after Hitler for letting your service dog attack this child. Even some power departments are not allowed to keep service dogs.

It looks like we are wound round. So what do you need a dog for? Is it legal to have a dog? These questions brought us to France, where people have been facing these problems since many years. And they were able to find the way out. The service dog can be used in different ways depending on the situation. For example, if the robber is not armed, the dog attacks wearing a shock muzzle, if armed - without any muzzle.
It is interesting, that in France, the law regulates the usage of dogs. Depending on who has the dog, it is allowed to carry out strikes. The police can strike into the face and flank, the citizens - only in the body and only if the rival is armed and using the dog without muzzle is legal.
We found the shock muzzle technique interesting. I can tell you it is a quite effective weapon. After training a couple of shepherds according to this method we found that it worked. The attacked one can get rib fractures or pain shock.
You need special equipment to train your service dog: a security helm and vest for the figurant and a shock muzzle for the dog (it is tailor made of rather firm leather with a metallic inset in the fore part. Inside, it is equipped with a mouth guard to protect the dog's teeth).
The method is very simple but rather effective. First the dog is taught to bite into the place where it will later hit, then they put on a shock muzzle and the dog doesn't bite no more, it hits. Then the so called social training follows. After teaching your dog this skill you will get an effective and legal weapon.
But what to do with the 12-year-old boy who invaded to pick up his ball? It is simple: if you noticed him, bark (to draw the owner's attention and keep the invader on the spot) and to attack only as a last resort. This dog behavior will protect you from annoying kids and territory guard efficiency will not be reduced.

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