What Can You Learn from Your Dog?

There are so many things our dogs can teach us, just like other pets. It sounds a little bit strange, as we are meant to teach our dogs, educate them, teach them our rules and existence conditions, suitable for us. But if you are sensible and attentive, you will see, how much you can really learn from them!


We offer you an interesting article from personal experience. What features do the dogs have from the birth, what features we could learn? What a tail-wagging creature can really tech us?

1. Forget the Multitasking

When a dog has something to do it gives it all attention. It would be good for you to learn this. The scientists from Standford institute found out that people who distract checking their e-mail boxes or surfing the Internet at work suffer from memory and attention disorders more often than those who concentrate on a certain task. The people actually waste their time by multitasking.

2. Who Loves Sleeping?


Your dog may be very attentive and have very well-developed guarding skills, but it still finds a couple of hours for a good nap. It is a proven fact that day sleep can do good to people. A research where about 24,000 were taking art proved, that those who love sleeping at day time have 37% less heart diseases risk than people who fail to rest regularly. A short nap helps you be more attentive and effective.

3. Walking is Healthy

No matter how many legs you have: two or four. Walking is one of the easiest and safest way to burn calories and take care for your heart anyway. Regular walking helps you:

- fight depression;

- loose weight;

- reduce diabetes 2 risk;

- reduce breast and colon cancer risk;

- keep your bones firm and strong;

- for some people walking their dogs is the only occasion to go outdoors.


To be continued...

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