Dog Collar or Dog Harness (Part 2)

Why Do We Still Use Collars Instead of Harnesses?

All of us saw dogs who literally croaked from a choking collar and dogs, which obviously had orthopedic diseases, but their owners after all continued to walk them with a collar on as if they even didn`t noticed an obvious sufferings of the pet.

There are 3 stereotypes of using a collar instead of dog harness:


First of all, dog collars, including pinch/prong collars, are as much widespread that they practically became the part of dog morphology. And, on the contrary, the dog with a soft dog harness or the dog without any dog gear is one in a thousand. If to ask a modern child to draw the dog, he will represent it with the prong collar even not thinking what that is and what it is for. So, we simply got used to the dog with the collar on. And we didn`t get used to think that it effects on the dog`s a condition in such a way that, in fact, malitates it.

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Therefore our attitude towards a dog with a collar it`s a matter of a collective habit of all people in part. We got used to see the dog with a collar just as we got used to eat soup for dinner and not for supper. In Sweden dog fanciers got used to see the dog with the harness, and in Germany soup can be eaten for supper. Any habit, as well as any other fashion can be changed. By the way, many people, who after all already thought of changing dog collar for the dog harness, cannot understand how the hard dog harnesses, which are offered in dog shops, can be better than collars. Indeed: it is important not just to change the dog collar to the dog harness, but also to take care that the dog harness was soft, in other words it should be made of soft natural material, but also be strong and keep the shape. Such quality dog harness will be pleasant for the dog to wear and won`t rub its body sides or disturb when walking.

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To be continued...

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