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Rubberized Nylon Dog Lead UK

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Nylon Rubberized Dog Leash Multifunctional Lead. Rubberized Training Leash

Nylon rubberized leads are very functional lightweight, a very popular feature amongst police professionals and usual dog handlers.

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police leash for dogs uk

Police UK Dogs Lead

You can read about the use of this leash in 7 ft (210 cm) length (5 ft (150 cm)

* Over the shoulder lead: place the handle end over your shoulder opposite to the side you wish to walk with your dog, across your back and up under your armpit. You can attach that lead clip to the floating "o" ring to make a loop across your upper body. Attach your dog to other end and go!

* 3.5( 105 cm) ft Leash: attach the clip on the handle end of the leash to the "o" ring which is stitched into the other end.

* A tether: wrap this leash around choosen object. Attach the connection clip on the handle end to the floating "o" ring. Never leave your dog unsupervised while tethered.

* 20 inches traffic dog leash: Make a 3.25 inches Leash and then grab the floating "o" ring and slide it to the very end of the leash opposite the clipped ends. Now bring the "o" ring back to the clipped end essentially folding the leash in half. Clip the floating "o" ring using the same clip that is attached to the fixed "o" ring. .

* The lead around waist: Wrap lead around your waist and connect the snap hook to the floating ring. Connecting the snap directly to the floating ring will help it stay put instead of falling down. Clip your dog and go!

*Walking with 2 dogs: Simply connect one dog to each leash snap and hold the lead in the medium position. Rubberized dog lead for training activities with two length adjustable.

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Rubberized Dog Lead UK

Brass Parts of the Highest Quality

Key characteristics of this police nylon lead with multi attaching functions:

  • 2ply nylon.
  • brass Snap Hook of the Highest Quality
  • brass rings
  • rubberized and in two lengths adjustable.

Intended use for this rubberized dog leash for police dogs:

  • Patrolling
  • Walking your dog and obedience training
  • Over 7 different types of activity with same lead

Police nylon dog leash sizes:

  • The Length of this leash is 5 feet (150 cm) and we have 7 feet length (210 cm), Width 3/4 inch (2.0 cm).

Police Leash Colours:

  • Black Nylon

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by Alessandro, Castiglione Del Lago, Italy
Date Added: 02/25/2017
Hello, just want to tell you that the parcel was shipped yesterday. I'm absolutely satisfied with the products. Thank you. Best regards!

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