• Model: PS8##1048 Leg Sleeve for Professional Bite Dog Training
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Leg Sleeve for Professional Bite Dog Training, French Linen


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Leg Sleeve for Professional Dog Training Made of Heavy-Duty French Linen

This leg sleeve is successfully used by the international K9 trainers and dog breeders for the professional dog training, such as police dog training, dog guard training and also for dog obedience training. Bite sleeve is specially designed to protect you from a dog bites and to improve its bite skills at the same time during the dog training classes. Using this protection sleeve, you both get a great comfort and full safety for your health and will be satisfied by a successful exercising.

Bite Dog Training Sleeve for Leg

Bite Dog sleeve for Leg. Leg Bite Sleeve for Professional Dog Training

Key aspects of the leg sleeve:

  • made of super strong french linen
  • handmade
  • equipped with inner dummy and handle
  • light weight
  • reliable touch fastener
  • non-toxic heavy stuffing
  • top quality and high durability
  • D-ring under the outside handle

Application area of the leg sleeve:

  • leg sleeve for dog trainer, helper
  • arm sleeve for bite training
  • dog bite skills improvement
  • dog protection training
  • K9 and schutzhund training
  • puppy bite training


  • The weight is 1.6 kg. The package weight 500 gr
  • The appr. height is 241332 in or 62 cm

Training sleeve is made of extra firm and hypoallergic french linen, the material, which is used for making a professional dog training equipment. By the way, bite sleeve is a handmade and hand sewed dog outfit. Reliable stitching and heavy stuffing provides a great durability for this dog item, so you may be sure, that your strong dog won`t tear it and won`t do any harm for you and itself. Leg sleeve is equipped with an additional dog dummy and convenient inner handle for maximum comfort during exercising. It`s very easy to put on and get off this dog equipment as its also equipped with a touch fastener, and, don`t worry, a spontaneous fastening is excluded.

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