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Bite Sleeve for Leg Protection, Schutzhund and Attack Training


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Leg Protection Sleeve for Attack Dog Training

This sleeve is a part of dog training equipment for leg protection from bites. The sleeve is also universal puppy and young dog bite training tool. Bite sleeve will help dog trainer to build and to develop puppy drive and retrieve skills and to improve full mouth grip of a young dog. This bite builder is specialized tool for professional attack dog training.

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Puppy Leg Bite Sleeve

French Linen Bite Protection Leg Sleeve

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Dog Bite Leg Sleeve

Leg Protection Sleeve for Attack Dog Training

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Leg Bite Sleeve

Durable Protector for Dog Trainer's Leg

Key qualities of this Leg Bite Sleeve:

  • made of french linen or jute (optional)
  • fits for both left and right legs
  • equipped with hard handle for control
  • convenient loop for fixation on leg
  • reliably stitched and heavy padded
  • high durability and flexibility
  • doesn't absorb wet and dirt
  • quick-release short barrel
  • for professional use only
  • easy to clean
  • selected quality

Functionality of this Leg Protective Sleeve:

  • for young and older dogs
  • attack, protection training
  • Schutzhund, KNPV training
  • bite and retrieve skills improvement

The sleeve is made of extra strong and non-toxic materials - French Linen or jute at choice. Both fabrics are high-resistant to dog bites and safe for dog's teeth and health. Bite sleeves are made according to international standards and are approved by the best dog trainers and Kennel Clubs.

This dog bite leg sleeve is handcrafted. Reliable stitching and heavy stuffing provide great durability so you may be sure that your strong dog won't tear it and won't do any harm for itself and you. The sleeve is equipped with convenient inner handle for maximum comfort and control over your dog during exercising. It is very easy to put on and take off this sleeve with reliable touch fastener. Don't worry, spontaneous fastening is excluded.

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