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Puppy Training Biting Sleeve of French Linen From Six Months


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Bite Sleeve of French Linen for Puppy Training From 6 Months Old

Welcome to see our new dog training bite sleeve for 6+ months old puppies. Our bite sleeve will help to train your puppy different commands and to develop dog attack and bite instincts. Puppy training biting sleeve serves for dog grip development and prepares your puppy for further stage of dog training. The dog training sleeve is equipped with D-ring for dog lead fastening. So you may work with your dog at the distance. It's very useful for dog hunting instincts development. Puppy bite sleeve handmade, heavy stuffed and reliably stitched. Absolutely safe for puppy's health. Durable inner handle and reliable outer handle provide maximum control and mobility and helps to correct dog's grip.

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Puppy Bite Sleeve

The Best Bite Sleeve for 6+ Puppies Training

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Dog Training Bite Sleeve

Thin and Rather Soft Bite Area Is Perfect for Puppies

Key qualities of this Puppy Training Sleeve:

  • made of hypoallergic French Linen
  • outer handle for better control
  • inner handle for additional mobility
  • fits for left and right arms
  • ultra light weight (0.800 kg)
  • non-toxic heavy stuffing
  • D-ring for lead adjustment
  • handmade and reliably stitched
  • doesn't absorb wet and dirt
  • selected quality

Functionality of this Puppy Bite Sleeve:

  • for 6+ old puppies
  • bite building
  • retrieve work
  • dog grip improvement
  • dog instincts development
  • attack dog training

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Dog Training Bite Sleeve UK

Puppy Bite Sleeve with Two Comfortable Handles

We have also this puppy bite training sleeve in natural jute.

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