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Jute Bite Tug with Loop for Puppy Training


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Jute Bite Tug for Young Dogs & Puppies

Watch How Fun Training with This Jute Bite Tug Is for Golden Retriever Puppy
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Looking for an appropriate bite training tool for your young dog? This jute bite tug is perfect for puppies & growing-up dogs to start training with. We produce this accessory of jute and French linen. Natural jute is durable and dog-friendly at the same time. It won't hurt your puppy's tender gums and teeth.

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Dog training bite tug on loop

Jute Bite Tug on a Loop for Interactive Games with Young Dogs

We understand how important it is to start dog training from the very early months of your furry pal, so we designed this jute bite tug especially for puppies. This is a great help for biting skills development. You can also use our pull toys for dogs as a retrieve item. We made this tug dog toy with a loop for better control over the training process.

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Tug Dog Toy

Training Tug Dog Toy of Handy Size

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Pull Toys for Dogs

Thin Pull Toys for Dogs

Key qualities of this Jute Bite Tug:

  • handcrafted and reliably stitched
  • 100% safe materials
  • equipped with nylon loop
  • hypoallergic synthetic stuffing
  • selected quality

Functionality of this Tug Dog Toy:

  • interactive dog games
  • dog training
  • dog bite skills development
  • retrieve training
  • dog exercising


  • width - 1 3/4" (4 cm)
  • length - 8 inch (20 cm)


  • strong jute
  • nylon loop

Look at This Tug Dog Toy in a Game
Photos, Sent by Our Customers

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Jute Bite Tug

Golden Retriever Puppy Is Having Fun with Jute Bite Tug

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Pull Toys for Dogs

Pull Toy for Golden Retriever Training

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