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Schutzhund Dumbbell of Quality Wood for Retrieve Training


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Train Your Dog to Retrieve Items with the Best Wooden Dumbbell!

Why do professional trainers use dumbbells? They are effective tools for retrieve training. Retrieving is an essential part of sports competitions like Schutzhund or IPO. Every skillful dog can retrieve items. So it's high time to teach the yourth!

Our Schutzhund dumbbell is a reliable tool for young and older dogs retrieve training. This dumbbell is made of dried hardwood being rather light-weighted for the dog to retrieve. Wooden dog dumbbell is ideal from basic to advanced training and for preparing the dog to sports competitions. Dog-friendly materials and ergonomic design!

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Schutzhund Dumbbell of Natural Wood for Retrieve Training

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Wooden Dumbbell Is an Ideal Retrive Item for Dog Training

Key qulities of this Schutzhund Dumbbell:

  • dry hardwood
  • dog-friendly materials
  • safe for dog's teeth
  • well polished
  • handy in use
  • selected quality

Application of this Wooden Dumbbell:

  • Schutzhund training
  • retrieve training
  • sport competitions


  • 650 gr


  • natural wood

See how the Dogs are Trained with our Schutzhund Dumbbell
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Dog Agility Training

Dog Jumps Over the Barrier with Wooden Dumbbell in the Mouth

Train your dog to advantage with our professional equipment.

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