• Model: WD17C1048 Dog Training Dumbbell - 2 kg
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Dog Training Dumbbell of 2 kg, Multicolour Weight Plates


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Dog Training Dumbbell of Plastic, Wood & Fabric for Four-legged Athletes

Our dog training dumbbell is intended for work with large strong animals, as its weight is 2 kg. The dog retrieving dumbbells of our production meet all international standards, so you can use them to prepare your furry athlete for Schutzhund, IPO, KNPV trials. Read below what differs our Schutzhund equipment from alike items.

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Dog Retrieving Dumbbells

Retrieving Dumbbells for Professional Dog Sport and Training

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Dog Dumbbell UK

Colorful Dumbbell with French Linen Covered Wooden Bar

This training dumbbell is produced of wisely selected materials. Dry hardwood is covered with French linen fabric that makes your dog's grip better and stronger, so your animal can hold an item longer. In addition, our retrieving dumbbells are equipped with 8 removable weight plates made of dog-friendly plastic. There are no sharp edges that can hurt your dog. We take care of your convenience on the road to success in Schutzhund sport!

Key qualities of this Dog Training Dumbbell:

  • dog-friendly wooden bar
  • French linen cover
  • produced in accordance with international K9 equipment standards
  • 8 removable weight octagons
  • extra durable

Intended use of our Retrieving Dumbbells:

  • Schutzhund/KNPV exercising
  • IPO training
  • retrieve work
  • K9/police/military dog training


  • weight: 4 1/2 lbs (2 kg)
  • weight disc diameter: 5" (12 cm)
  • length: 13 1/5" (33 cm)


  • multicolour fabric covering
  • multicolour plastic plates

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