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Collie Dog Muzzle for Comfortable and Safe Walking and Training

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Best Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Collie

Do you need a good-quality muzzle for your Collie? Which dog muzzle is best? We are glad to offer you the finest Collie muzzle for daily use and prolonged wearing. This new wire dog muzzle allows your dog to pant, to breathe, to bark, to drink and to open mouth being muzzled! The ideal Collie dog muzzle is here!

Watch the Video Review of This Wire Muzzle

If you feel doubtful to purchase online, you are welcome to read feedbacks from our shoppers that will dispel your hesitations. Ask us via e-mail, Live Chat, Skype or Facebook private messages if you have any questions. Anyhow, you can always return the product, if it does not fit your Collie.

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Wire Dog Muzzle UK

Professional and Universal Wire Muzzle for Collie Walking, Training and Work

Key qualities of this Wire Dog Muzzle:

  • best ventilation
  • felt padded nose area
  • inhibits biting, chewing
  • adjustable leather straps
  • extremely difficult for the dog to put off
  • increased strength
  • supreme comfort
  • selected quality

Functionality of this Collie Dog Muzzle:

  • Collie walking
  • Collie training
  • police work
  • service work
  • vet visiting
  • transporting


  • Material: genuine leather, nickel-plated wire, felt padding
  • Size: selected from our rich produced collection according to the snout sizes of your dog


  • black

How to Size Dog Muzzle for Collie:

How to
Measure Muzzle

1. Length - distance from the tip of the nose to the eye line in inches.

2. Circumference - circumference around the snout one inch below the eye line in inches, should be measured with mouth a little open.

3. Eye Line - distance from the eye line to right behind the ears in inches.

4. Neck Circumference - circumference around the neck right behind the ears and right behind the jaw (in inches).

5. Width - snout width in the widest part.

6. Height - snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open.

To see more detailed instructions how to size your dog - Click here

This Collie muzzle is perfectly ventilated. It was designed according to Collie's muzzle structure to provide maximum comfort for the dog. The muzzle fits Collie ideally and doesn't worry the pet. Wire cage is nickel-plated and resistant to rust. Leather straps are adjustable. The construction of the muzzle is super solid. Felt padding will protect your Collie's nose from rubbing. Indispensable item for daily use!

How to buy a muzzle for a dog online and to be sure that you'll get the best size? It's very easy! All that you need is to follow our advice:

1. Size your dog according to the scheme above.

2. Fill all the measurements you got in the attributes at the top of the page.

3. Contact us via our e-mail info@dog-harnesses-store.co.uk if the muzzle doesn't fit your dog or you have any other questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to exchange the products for more suitable ones. We will help you to choose and order the best equipment in our online dog store!

See How Our Wire Basket Muzzle Looks on Collie
Images from Our Shoppers

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Collie Muzzle

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Fits Collie Perfectly

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Collie Dog Muzzle

Super Ventilated and Comfortable Basket Muzzle for Collie

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Border Collie Muzzle

Light-Weighted Wire Muzzle with Adjustable Leather Straps

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