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Stabyhoun Dog Breed Leather Muzzle Best for Everyday Use

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Safe, Very Comfortable and Well Ventilated Leather Muzzle for Stabyhoun

Why get a dog muzzle for Stabyhoun? If your canine picks up or eats from the ground. If you live in a country where dogs should be walked with muzzles on by law. If the dog can bite anyone or other animals during walking. Some kinds of dog training are impossible without a muzzle. There are many reasons for dog muzzle purchasing. Where to buy a dog muzzle that will be maximum comfortable and safe for your Stabyhoun? You are welcome to our online dog store to get the most convenient and the safest muzzle of selected leather! Find detailed information about this muzzle below!

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Best Leather Dog Muzzle

Soft and Safe Leather Muzzle for Stabyhoun

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Leather Dog Muzzle for Sale

Stitched and Riveted Muzzle with Regulable Straps

Key qualities of this Stabyhoun Dog Muzzle:

  • very strong and durable
  • felt padded nose area
  • adjustable leather straps
  • stitched and riveted
  • dog can bark and pant with the muzzle
  • dog's jaws aren't tightened
  • perfect airflow
  • absolutely safe
  • super comfortable
  • light-weighted
  • selected quality

Functionality of this Stabyhoun Leather Muzzle:

  • Stabyhoun walking
  • Stabyhoun training
  • vet, groomer visiting
  • Stabyhoun socializing
  • Stabyhoun transporting
  • stop picking up, eating from the ground
  • stop licking wounds
  • travelling with Stabyhoun
  • stop biting


  • Material: genuine leather
  • Sizes: more than 20 sizes


  • black

How to Measure Dog Muzzle Size:

How to Size Dog Muzzle

1. Length - distance from the tip of the nose to the eye line in inches.

2. Circumference - circumference around the snout one inch below the eye line in inches, should be measured with mouth a little open.

3. Eye Line - distance from the eye line to right behind the ears in inches.

4. Neck Circumference - circumference around the neck right behind the ears and right behind the jaw (in inches).

5. Width - snout width in the widest part.

6. Height - snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open.

To see more detailed instructions how to size your dog - Click here

This leather dog muzzle fits Stabyhoun dog breed ideally. Leather quality and processing are the highest. The muzzle is well-oiled to make it soft and has no rough edges to make it pleasant for the dog to wear. Nose area is padded with felt to avoid rubbing.

Mesh design of the muzzle provides good ventilation, which is very important for dog's safety and comfort. Your Stabyhoun will breath and pant easily with this muzzle on, but won't be able to bite and eat from the ground.

The muzzle is finely stitched and riveted. It won't tear after several walks or training sessions, be sure! Besides, you can always regulate leather straps for perfect fit of the muzzle.

There is an option of classic or quick-release buckle choosing in the attributes at the top of the page. This is the best leather dog muzzle for your Stabyhoun!

See How Our Leather Muzzle Looks on Stabyhoun
Images from Our Shoppers

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Stabyhoun Dog Breed Muzzle

Stabyhoun with Perfectly Suitable Muzzle

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Stabyhoun Dog Muzzle

Stabyhoun with Leather Muzzle, Photo by Our Client from the Netherlands

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