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Patches for Nylon Harnesses, Reflective Logos


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Nylon K9 Harnesses Patches

When you want to purchase such patches, which you can use for various activities, choose our patches that can be used in all weather conditions.

These ultimate patches can be used for different K9 harnesses. In our dog harnesses shop these patches fit H17 All Weather K9 Dog Harness model (all dog sizes) and H6 Plus Nylon harness  (except XS dog size)

You get 2 totally same patches for the price of one, because usually you need two patches for both sides of a harness.

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Adjustable Nylon Dog Harness

Here is an example of different patches used with the harness (Police - K9)

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Another example of the harness with different patch "Search and Rescue"

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"Therapy Dog" patch used on the harness

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All patches for this dog harness

Key qualities of these Dog Training Harness Patches:

  • extra durable water resistant nylon
  • Length - 5 1/5 inches (13cm)
  • Width - 1 1/2 inches (4cm)
  • velcro surface on the other side
  • Sold in two ones for both sides of the harness with Velcro
  • There is a blank patch as well for your fantasy

Functionality of the Dog Training Harness K9 Patches:

  • For dog walking harness
  • For dog tracking harness
  • For special dog pulling work harness
  • For dog training harness
  • For dog patroling
  • For Off leash training
  • For ID harness
  • For dog patrolling service harness
  • For jogging harness


  • Material: nylon
  • Color: black with white letters


  • black

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UK harness patches

The Harness with Patches On

Check how the Patches Look on Dog Training Harness looks on Different Dogs
Pictures from Customers

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Adjustable Dog Harness for Husky UK

The Velcro Patches on Husky Dog Harness

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Adjustable Dog Harness for Mastino Napoletano UK

The Velcro Patches UK on Mastino Napoletano Dog Harness

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