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Dog Treat Rugby Ball Rubber of Medium Size for Powerful Chewers

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Rugby Ball Treat Dispenser for Interactive Games and Chewing Challenges

Are you a rugby fan? Does your dog like to play rugby too? We have an awesome dog toy in the shape of rugby ball to entertain your dog and to reward it with tasty dog treats falling out of the ball piece by piece during exciting games!

This rugby ball dog toy is a treat dispenser with holes where you can insert dry dog kibble. The ball crumps when squeezed and the dog has an increased focus on the toy. When the dog tries to "fish out" appetizing kibbles its mental and physiacl abilities "work hard" and make positive impact on the dog's organism and mood. This is the best dog treat dispensing toy to relieve your dog of dullness and anxiety!

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Rugby Ball Dog Toy UK

Rugby Dog Toy Ball Treat Dispenser of Everlasting and Safe Rubber

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Dog Treat Rugby Ball

Anti-Boredom Rugby Ball Dog Toy Treats Dispenser for Interactive Games

Key qulities of this Rugby Ball Dog Toy:

  • high-quality rubber of ultra-high-strength
  • indestructible but good for chewing
  • free of hazardous substances
  • inner holes for treats and kibble
  • slows up dog eating
  • suitable for dishwasher
  • rugby ball shape
  • intended for long-term use
  • floats on water
  • bounces at throwing
  • selected quality from Starmark

Functionality of this Dog Treat Dispensing Ball:

  • develops dog mentally and physically
  • interactive challenges in chewing
  • creates fun and reduces dog's boredom behaviour
  • prevents dog's overeating

Sizes and Weight:

  • Medium: 2.8 x 3.5 inch (7 x 9 cm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (120 g)


  • special rubber

This dog treat dispensing ball is of special dog-friendly rubber. Don't be afraid to give the toy to your dog every day because it's entirely safe and ultrastrong. Your dog can bite, chew, scratch the ball with its claws and nothing will happen with them both. The ball will keep its shape and the dog won't lose its teeth or claws. Moreover, this treat dispensing dog ball doesn't sink in water and bounces well off the ground. That means you can take this treat dispensig ball wherever you want! Play with your dog at home, outside or in a swimming pool!

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Dog Ball with Treats UK

Rubber Dog Ball Treat Holder for Health Care, Mental and Physical Development

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Dog Ball Dispenses Treats UK

Rugby Dog Ball Treat Dispenser by Starmark for Your Champion

This dog treat dispensing ball is used with interactive dog treats.

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And now let's watch the video of this Dog Rugby Ball usage with Interactive Treats

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