Bestseller! Leather Dog Collar with Handle for Agitation

We got our gift, a wonderful collar and I want to share my impressions. The parcel was delivered at door and it is amazing that my dog seemed to know that the gift was for her. They say that Cane Corso have the power of telepathy, I am willing to confirm this by what I noticed in the behavior of my dog. This box was extremely interesting to her, attracted like a magnet. Rory watched unpacking impatiently, stuck her nose into unwrapping and we laughed at her impatience. She became more excited when we got the new outfit out of the box. The collar seemed too large and rough for me at first. It was cold from the outside and seemed inflexible. But we put it on at once and then Rory cheered and began to boast - I won't even find another word. All dog owners know they are like children. Then I regretted for not catching this moment on video. In general we were happy with the collar and decided to go for a walk with it at once. First we took some pictures at home.

Tatiana, Kremenchug, Ukraine, 02/10/2021
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