Working Dogs - Our Reliable Helpers

As the title says working dogs are supposed to perform a certain kind of work. These are mainly obedient and evenly tempered guardians and loyal helpers. The size of a working dog is middle-large.

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Golden Retriever Harness

A Golden Retriever

Working dogs are in particular service dogs, guard dogs and shepherd dogs, guide dogs, helpers of visually depraved people and the so called military dogs as well as search dogs. These animals have been helping humans for many years.

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Guide Dog Harness UK

A Guide Dog

These kind of dogs are sometimes called useable dogs because of the functions they fulfill. Hunting dogs, who got awards for their "professional" achievements also used to be called service. But this situation could result is mixing hunting dogs with the useable ones and this is not right. So the hunting dogs were excluded from this class.

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German Shepherd Harness UK

A Shepherd

Service Dogs Disappearance

Absolutely all service dog breeds are meant to fulfil some working functions. Thus not all representatives of this group do it equally well. Some of them cope perfectly, others just are useful animals.

The features influencing the dog's ability to fulfil some working tasks are inheritable. To get a first-class worker, you need to perform a detailed selection.

But the problem is that dogs who are good at work have little capacity for offspring production and it keeps decreasing generation by generation. For this reason many dog breeders mate high class working males with quite indifferent females hoping to get offspring with well developed working dog features. Nevertheless they don not always succeed, sometimes the offspring is rather "dilute". So the working dog breeds loose their unique features bit by bit, which can later result in their absolute disappearance.

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