Mondioring Dog Training – What Is This?

Mondioring is a specific dog training, which includes the main elements of several systems together: obedience, protection and security, agility (jumps). In general, mondioring is one of the most popular and rapidly developed kinds of dog training.

Modioring Dog Training

Attack Dog Training According Mondioring System

However, many dog owners ask the same question: "Does the dog get the real skills of protection work or is mondioring an exhibition performance only?"

All Europe Is in One Ring

Foremost mondioring owes its origin as dog training system to Belgian, Dutch and Swiss cynologists. This cooperation is non-casual: the main task of mondioring was to combine several European dog training systems (French Campagne, Dutch KNVP and German Schutzhund), so that dog breeders, trainers, handlers and their dogs from different countries could take part in general international competitions according to uniform rules. Soon the system was widely spread over Europe and even taken by the USA and Canada.

Agility Dog Training

Agility Is a Part of Mondioring Training and Competitions

Main features of mondioring are intension and complication, combination of various elements and distractions also (when the gun banged near the dog or a loud noise sounded, some subjects may fall on the dog or the dog may be wet with water). The dog should perform and meet several types of attack besides usual obedience exercises. These attacks are: with and without biting, face attack, flee attack, stop flee attack. Complicated complex of actions make the dog to be always alert and to work closely with the handler. In this context, the dog's skills are showed perfectly with the help of mondioring. It helps to identify the level of the dog's intelligence, physical development, temper, skills and potential.

Too Much, Too Little or Just Enough?

In spite of mondioring is a very interesting dog sport and entertaining performance, some dog handlers refer to this training system with a pinch of salt. Some owners doesn't like that the dogs are encouraged to bite the helper (the person in a bite suit, which plays the role of disturber – "attacks" the dog, tries to take away the guarded subject): whether the dog will become aggressive? The other people are dissatisfied that the handler has no right to protect himself and attack truly as in a real life: it's forbidden to hurt the dog in the ring – this means the dog will never be ready to a real attack and will fall back having the first shock.

Attack Dog Training According Mondioring System

Mondioring Training: The Dog Is Trained to Bite the Helper

Actually, both opinions aren't quite right. Mondioring has one small secret: this dog training system isn't for every breed and for every dog. Good-natured and friendly dog (like Labrador Retriever) can be really disoriented with Mondioring training, especially if the dog was taught incorrectly. The dog won't become a guardian, but will be at a complete loss. At the same time, some dogs with addiction to aggression can become uncontrolled if to train them according Mondioring system - but this is the mistake of dog trainer. But service dogs, especially German and German Shepherds show high rates in this sport.

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