How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm?

Teach Your Dog to Be Peaceful!

It's very important to train your dog to keep calm in various situations to prevent undesirable consequences. The idea is that when you see your dog to be calm and to do nothing, you praise it and reward with a dog treat. F.e., your dog stands calmly by your side on a loose leash and suddenly the other dog appears from round the corner. You put a treat into the dog's mouth, while it has been standing and doing nothing, as soon as it sees the other dog. You'll reward your dog for peaceful behavior by doing so and enhance the likehood that the dog rather do nothing in such situations in the future. Don't wait until your dog start barking!

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Calm and Peaceful Dog Won't Look for Trouble

Another example: you are standing outside and talking with your friend while your dog is sitting calmly by your side. Treat the dog for this behavior during your talk. Don't wait until your dog starts yelping, pulling on the leash and jumping on you to attract your attention. Calm behavior is that what many dog trainers lose sight of, being concentrated on training the dog such commands as "Down" and "Heel". They forget to reward the dog for those great moments when it keeps calm.

This Labrador on the photo has already been trained to behave calmly. The dog was hyperactive and aggressive towards other dogs, but it has been starting to communicate with them and become peaceful for one lesson only! The trainer treated the Labrador for calm behavior before it had time to think what to do. The next lesson was to allow the dogs to play together as a reward for peaceful behavior.

Dog Training to Keep Calm

Labrador Keeps Calm After One Lesson of Behavior Training!

Piece of advice: when you reward your dog for being calm, you should give a treat before the dog had been looked at you. This should be done so because you want to chase the moment of this calm behavior of your dog while it's waiting for the delicacy. Treating your dog when it is expecting this action will give you nothing. Wait for the moment when your dog stops expecting the treat before to give it another one piece.

You can treat the dog when it doesn't look at you, hiding the delicacy in your hand in advance. Thus you won't pay its attention by getting the treat out of your pocket or a bag. You may also throw the pieces between the dog's forepaws because it waits for this action least of all. Or you may come up to the dog with the treat from its back. If your dog is dwelled too much on the food and it looks nowhere except at the food, train the dog to keep calm on the sight of food before.

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