Best Dog Bathing Tips

How to Bathe a Dog Properly?

Dog bathing has a number of aspects, which should be considered. Let's find them out.

1. First of all, warm water is needed (40 ͦC is optimal). It will be easier to wet a dog's coat with the help of water dipper or watering pot. Prepare dog shampoo and towels beforehand.

Tips for Dog Bathing

2. When preparation is done, moisten the dog's hair with plenty of water. Apply shampoo on the coat and carefully rub it.

3. Thin down shampoo with water to foam to make the procedure easier. This will allow you to wash the dog's hair better and to rinse shampoo out better.

4. Soap scum is applied on the whole dog's back rubbed well in fur. Paws, tail, neck and belly are washed after that. Head is washed last, it is important to watch that shampoo hasn't got into ears and eyes.

5. Wait for 3-5 min. when shampoo is applied and then wash it away. Soap the dog's coat once again, wait and wash away.

6. Pay careful attention to rinsing. Remove shampoo from head, then from back, neck and chest. Wash up belly and paws when water isn't foams. Help yourself with hands in foam removing.

7. Dry up the dog after washing with a towel. Change wet towel to a dry one. Wrap the dog with dry cloth after wiping off and leave it until hair is dried out.

Dog Bathing Tips

8. You can use a hair drier, having exposed sparing temperature and low turns.

9. Apply special balsam on the dog's coat and process it carefully. The balm is applied on palms, rubbed in hair of the dog and washed out in a few minutes.

A puppy is bathed for the first time when it is 3.5-4 months old. The pet should be dewormed and vaccinated. It is allowed to bathe the puppy after isolation period (in 14 days after the first vaccination, in 21 days - after the second). If there is a need to bathe a small puppy, wipe it carefully and keep it under a blanket until its coat gets dry.

The dog needs to be bathed after trimming to remove hair cut down. Otherwise it will irritate the dog's skin and the pet will begin to scratch. If dog bathing is a prophylactic measure, comb its coat and cut knots off if present. Dry shampoos are also used for dog coat cleaning. They are especially useful for dogs after surgeries, when water contact is forbidden.

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Use dog grooming and care supplies.