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NEW ARRIVALS - Schnauzer

The name of the breed Schnauzer has German origin and is translated as "giant muzzle". The dog is called Russian Schnauzer (although these dogs are not from Russia). The history of the breed has not been cleared up fully. One theory is that the breed comes from Germany. The dogs were bred to pasture cattle, guard the houses. There is the suggestion that the breed is of hound origin and was used in the Alps during hunting. According to another version, the breed is appeared in Bavaria (Bavarian Schnauzer) by crossing with Wirehaired Pointer. They were kept in the royal house.

The representatives of the breed featured in a dog show in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century first time. The standard was not developed. It is unclear precisely what the first Giant Schnauzers looked like. The breed was recognized in 1909. The first standard was developed and the name of the breed was given in 1923. The Giant Schnauzer was registered officially as a service dog in Germany in 1925. A new standard was adopted in 1956.

Harness for Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer Temperament

The dogs are active, sometimes fussy and restless. They have even temper. Schnauzers are strong and enduring, faithful and clever (learn commands from the first time). The dogs like active games and sport (jogging, swimming). Check our brain stimulating dog games to entertain you pet.

Giant Schnauzers are sociable and friendly with the owners. They are perfect companions. Schnauzer quickly remembers all family members (not only living together), friends, neighbors due to excellent memory. These dogs love and never hurt children, although they can push them during a game accidently. The Schnauzer is a good friend for the children. Family protection is one of the main rules for the Schnauzer and if the dog scents danger, it will be hard to stop the dog. This characteristic of the breed allows the dog to serve in the police. The dog is suspicious to strangers. It is necessary to train the Schnauzer to treat strangers in the right way.

The Giant Schnauzer is hard-working and patient. It is difficult to curb the dog if it shows aggression. That is why this quality should be constantly controlled and prevented from the puppyhood. The Schnauzer becomes a great companion and a devoted friend if socialized properly.

Training a Giant Schnauzer

The dog will demonstrate the highest intelligence only if has enough communication with its owner. It should be regularly trained and taught new commands. Start puppy training from the first day it appeared at your home, otherwise the Schnauzer will feel itself a master of your own house. Schnauzers are the dogs of strong and powerful character. They should always be controlled and reminded to obey the owner implicitly, especially in the early age. Avoid excessive communication of the dog with strangers but do not set the Schnauzer against them.

Review of Giant Schnauzer Training with Large Fire Hose Bite Tug

Explain clearly but without cruelty that the dog should walk and play at a certain time and not when it takes it into head. It is better to train the dog after walking when it gets excessive energy out and becomes more receptive to intellectual activity. The Giant Schnauzer learns the commands well, even very difficult ones. Consult a trainer and go to a dog training school if you have no experience or need professional advice. Remember that training is a must for the Giant Schnauzer.

Our specialization is quality dog training equipment and we have a wide range of supplies to offer you. They are Giant Schnauzer harness models of genuine leather and nylon, muzzles for Giant Schnauzer, leather, nylon and metal collars; bite tugs, rags, pads and sleeves; nylon and leather leashes; equipment for K9, police, agility, IGP and other kinds of training; toys and grooming accessories.

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3. Contact us via our e-mail if the harness (collar, muzzle) doesn't fit your dog or you have any other questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to exchange the products for more suitable ones. We will help you to choose and order the best equipment in our online dog store!

Dog Harness Sport and Training Made of Nylon French Linen Bite Tug for Grown-Up Dogs Protective Suit of French Linen for Mondioring and French Ring Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen for Professional Dog Training

Giant Schnauzer will love to learn something new and spend time with the owner. The dog can show itself in such dog sports as agility and obedience. We have also a lot of products for Miniature Schnauzer. Here are the accessories to fit the smallest of Schnauzer family:

Clicker for Dog Training Dog Treat Pouch Bag Ball on String Toy of Solid Rubber Groovy Ball Dog Toy

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