Guide Dogs Training

Guide dogs are chosen with great care and with respect to all requirements and preferences of the future dog owner. To make sure the future owner gets exactly the guide dog he/she needs the guide dog school customers fill in an application form. The owners-to-be also can come to the dog training school to get acquainted with their dogs. They are obligatory instructed how they should treat the dog right. The dogs also get instructions concerning the typical routes of their visually disabled owners e.g. the drug-store, the supermarket, the park etc.

Sometimes the disabled refuse of certain dogs. The reason why may be very different: the incompatible characters of the dog and the owner, the size of the dog, which doesn't fit for the owner etc. Cases when the owner expresses aggression and mistreats the dog are very rare. If this happens, he or she is not given a guide dog. But usually it's just the contrary: the dog and the owner understand each other perfectly.

Nowadays Guide Dogs Schools

Today more and more guide dogs schools appear. Many of them co-operate with the correspondent guide dogs schools abroad, adopting their methodology. 

Still, though the nowadays guide dogs training is very well developed, there are certain problems and difficulties. First of all they concern the lack of guide dogs as well as lack of correspondent training schools. This happens due to high costs of guide dog training. That is why these schools need financial aid, sponsors and donations.

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