Double Thick Leather Dog Collar or One-Ply?

Choose One-Ply or Double Thick Leather Dog Collar

A collar is a must-have accessory for every dog. There are one- and double ply leather dog collars. What type of dog collar is best for your pet?

Double Thick Leather Dog Collar

One-ply leather collar serves for everyday dog walking and training. It is made of soft genuine leather to provide a dog with comfort, but durable enough not to stretch or tear. The dog won't slip out of this collar. Leather strap is strong, but not rough. It is flexible, fits snug and doesn't rub the dog's neck.

Natural leather causes no skin irritations, itching or allergy. Moreover, edges of the collar are rounded to avoid any discomfort. There are also no machine stitches. Classic design and width of this collar make it suitable for medium and large breeds.

There are 5 holes on the collar for size regulation with the help of belt buckle. Black, brown or tan colors of the accessory are available. The collar is simple, but elegant. Professional craftsmanship and high-quality materials provide long-term use of the item and its comfort will bring good mood to your dog!

2-ply leather dog collar is hard-wearing and extra firm. Two leather layers are manually selected, perfectly processed, oiled and reliably stitched together. It is wide, massive and intended for powerful medium and large breeds.

Strong Leather Dog Collar

Such a collar is widely used for agitation dog training because of its high durability and optimal width to control the dog confidently without doing any harm to it.

Every edge and other details of this collar are highly-polished. Leather is resilient, but tear-resistant. It is carefully sewed, stitches are even and fine. One more important feature of the collar is fur protective plate, which is placed inside the buckle. It will save the dog's skin from rubbing and coat from damage.

The collar is produced in black and brown colors. 5 inlets on leather strap serve for collar size adjustment. You will easily do this with traditional buckle.

You can use this collar not only for attack work, but for various kinds of training and safe dog walking. Your vigorous dog will be always under confident control with this collar on!

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