Dog Dental Care

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth?


Modern dogs suffer from various dental problems more and more. If your pet’s teeth hygiene is wrong, its diet is inappropriate or it has some metabolic disease or genetic disposition, dental tartar and plaque can appear in its mouth.


Why Is Dental Plaque Dangerous?


Dental plaque can be on the surface of dog’s teeth and under gums as well. It leads to inflammation, and, as a result, to teeth mobility, ache and loosening.



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Belgian Tervuren Training
Strong Teeth Mean Trained Teeth

Puppy Teeth Care



Puppies under 4 months have milk teeth. They are sharp like needles. They don’t need special care with brushes and pastes.
All you need to do is to feed your pup healthy. If you want your dog’s teeth to grow white and strong, include Calcium, Phosphorus, vitamin PP, vitamin B and C complex into your young pet’s diet. You can find these vitamins and microelements in:
-    brewers’ yeast
-    cheese
-    brown algae
-    vegetables with dark-green leaves
-    sunflower, pumpkin seeds
-    nuts
-    coarse wheat
-    garlic



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Your Puppy Teeth Need to Be Trained

Your puppy needs some food to gnaw:
-    carrot
-    cabbage
-    toast
-    dry dog food
-    dog toy bones
Play tug games with your puppy to train its jaws.



Dog Teeth Care in Second Dentition Period

Age from 4 till 6 month is a period of second dentition. Baby teeth change to permanent strong ones. What should you do?
Examine your pet’s teeth every day.
Don’t play tug of war games in this time.
Give your growing-up dog raw meat, hard bones, rubber balls to help the teeth changing process. If you see that the milk tooth is still in the gum and new one is already growing, consult a vet. Maybe you will have to have the milk tooth extracted.



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Dog Ball on String
Growing-up Dogs Require Playing with Tough Toys

Adult Dog Teeth Care

Examine your dog’s mouth regularly to see probable problems: foreign objects, bad breathe, papilloma.
Consult a vet in following cases:
-    teeth become yellow or dark
-    teeth plaque is seen
-    gums are swollen or bleeding
-    over salivation
-    bad breathe is clearly smelled
-    dog loses appetite
-    swallowing causes pain
If there is no problem with your dog’s teeth and gums, your pet’s dental care should consist of brushing dog’s teeth with canine brush and paste. You can also wipe your dog’s teeth with solution of hidrogen peroxide and water to prevent teeth tartar and plaque formation. You can use special dog toys to care of your dog’s teeth and entertain it.
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