Travelling with a Dog by Airplane - Practical Advice

What Should You Know to Travel with Your Dog by Plane?

When holiday season is getting on and all the members of the family as well as your dog need to have a good rest, so why not to take it along? Instead of leaving it in specialized kennel, where it remains to be seen how your dog to be fed (and it will cost a pretty penny!) or with friends or relatives (what if their children are allergic?). Taking your dog aboard an airplane is the most reasonable decision.

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It was beyond belief until later. But now all the modern airlines permit to transport not only pets, but also bicycles by which it is possible to travel throught the length and breadth of France, and only then to transport it by plane back at home.

So, dogs too are no exception and it is possible and necessary to carry them by the air transport. If there is a small doggie to 8 kg in the "luggage", it`s permitted to take it along into the cabin.

But if the dog weighs more than 10 kg, it should be carried in a special cage which will be in the hold of the plane.

One should foresee, that such pastime will go against the grain of some dogs. They can whimper, bark and loose their cool. You should prepare your dog for the travel by plane well in advance to avoid such a behaviour of your pet. So you should buy a cage and other necessary dog outfits for transporting (f.e. dog muzzle, dog leash, dog harness) and allow your dog to pass the night and eat at the cage and to get used to the dog muzzle, dog lead or the dog harness. Thus, the dog will start getting used to the new lodging and new equipment and as practice of the last flights shows, the dogs who have taken such a simple course, take even the long-range travels rather easy…

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If the flight is long-range, you should pour special granules on the floor of the cage, which absorb all the natural needs of the dog. But it is better to be prepared properly to the flight, that means not to feed your dog, walk it well and to give it to drink water before the long flight.

Safety conditions for strangers. Needless to say that any dog in the airplane can constitute a real danger? That`s why your dog should be with the dog muzzle, dog collar/dog harness and dog leash on to eleminate any force-majeure circumstances. It will be even better if your doggie will have a special ID tag with its nickname and a cell number of the owner.

If you do all these actions correctly and properly, it hoped that your dog wants to take one more flight …

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