Matrailing with a Dog

What is Mantrailing. Accessories and Equipment for Mantrailers

Mantrailing (in English the meaning of a man is a "person" and to trail is "to pursue")

The individual smell is comparable to the unique fingerprint of a person. The individual smell originates in connection with the decomposition process initiated by bacteria of dead skin cells and different body secretions (sweat, breath, etc.). That is why the mantrailer knows whom he must search. He gets before the work a so-called presented "odour item", which carries the smell of the person to be searched.

This can be, e.g., a garment, a handkerchief, but also the autoseat what the person sat last time on.

Labrador Harness UK Multifunctional

Labrador with Multi-Purpose Nylon Harness that Suits for Mantrailing

The education of the mantrailer up to the application ability lasts between 2 and 3 years. In this time the dog learns to concentrate upon the individual smell of a missing person in different surroundings (in a town, in a wood, at a railway station, etc.), to indicate, finally, the person in a right way. Very important thing in the education is that the dog handler learns to read his dog to recognize what goes forward to him. The dog handler and his dog grow together during the education in a team.

Labrador Dog Harness

Labrador Harness for Police Mantrailing Work

With dog's application in the rescue service where there is a matter primarily of finding people in need of care possibly quick, the mantrailers are also used in the police work, i.e. in the pursuit of the fleeing delinquents. Also these dogs can be used in support with the reconstruction of criminal offences where e.g. one finds the ways with his help, run from culprits and/or victims.

By mantrailing the dog must pursue the track of a person with the help of the individual smell. I.e. the dog searches not for a person only, but for an individual. For this work the dog is led on approx. 5-10m long lead.

Dog Tracking Leash

Leather Dog Lead for Mantrailing

Besides, it is insignificant whether the missing person has got lost - in rural or urban surroundings. The mantrailer's work is considered differently than at the classical track not only per smells which originate from ground injury (e.g., with the decomposition process of trampled grass). He can work on the most different soil types (asphalt, meadow, forest way, etc.). The excellent sence of smell of the dog is completely used with the mantrailing. The well qualified mantrailer is to be tried in emergency situations in contaminated areas (e.g., in the town) in order to search for a missing person and to distingush his smell from all others.

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