Sport with Your Dog: Sound Mind in a Sound Bod

To make sure your dog is physically fit and healthy, it has to do some sport regularly. Dog training may not always lead you to medals and first places, but they are always good for you and your pet.

There are very many dog sport activities like agility, dog-frizzby, flyball, freestyle, coursing, spring pole, snow racing, sliding and many more. We are going to tell a couple of words about each kind of dog sport. And we hope this article will motivate you to take your dog to the sport ground. 

Agility - an English Dog Sport

This kind of dog sport originates from England. The founding father was John Varly. The sense of this this activity is overcoming obstacles on a specially equipped route at a high speed. An obstacle is usually called apparatus. The latter are classified into contact, which the dog has to walk over, and non-contact, the dog can't touch.  

This kind of sport will do good to city dogs, who live with no regular physical exercises.

To be continued...