Dog Heat Stroke Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Heat Stroke?

Dog heat stroke is a critical condition, which develops as a result of overheating for various reasons.

They are:

  • influence of direct sunlight;
  • high air temperature;
  • lack of wind or shadow, where it is possible to hide from the scorching sun;
  • lack of water for drinking;
  • overheating during the heat at high air humidity;
  • heavy physical loads;
  • long stay in a closed space (car, carrying bag).

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Dog's body temperature is raised higher than 40.5 degrees. Normal dog's temperature is 38-39 ?C. The heat stroke is followed by violation of natural thermoregulation and disorder of internal organs functions, cardiovascular and nervous system.

Most at risk are:

  • elder dogs;
  • obese dogs;
  • pregnant females;
  • puppies and young dogs;
  • dogs, which have or had heart problems and respiratory diseases;
  • dogs with short muzzles (Pug, Pekinese, Boxer, Shar-Pei, British and French Bulldogs);
  • dogs from Northern regions (Husky, West Siberian Laika, Alaskan Malamute).

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Symptoms of Canine Heat Exhaustion

The dog suffering from heat becomes sluggish, apathetic and looks heavy. The dog can have difficult breathing and movements confusion. The dog sleeps for a long time, drinks a lot of water and refuses food. It can whine, pant. This means you need to help the canine to be cooled immediately.

Dog overheating signs:

  • heavy breathing, irregular pulse, salivation;
  • eyes and mouth redness;
  • shiver, excitement turning into apathy and general weakness;
  • blue tongue;
  • body temperature rise;
  • heartbeat acceleration.

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Vomiting, spasms and faints are in advanced cases. Dog's walk becomes lurching and breathing - wavy. Spasms, involuntary defecation, symptoms of poisoning appear. Don't miss a minute! Give first aid to the dog and call a vet. Even if process is stopped before "terrible" symptoms, visit the vet and watch the dog for 3-5 days because complications arise in this time as usual. Remember, the faster first aid is given, the more chances you have to save your dog!

Learn how to give first aid at dog heatstroke and how to protect dog in heat.

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