Dog Training in a Flat

How to Train Your Dog When You Live in a Flat?

Dogs are like children, so don't think it's easy to adopt a dog. It's up to you only to train your dog. You have to face with certain difficulties when your dog is growing up. And if you want the dog to become your faithful friend and defender, you have to bring up it good.

The first you should know, there is no need to take a puppy at the age of one or two months. Experienced breeders say that if to wean a puppy away from its mother at such an early age, this may lead to problems: the puppy will be weak and won't run commands. Take the puppy at the age of three months, not before.

When you've alredy brought the puppy to your flat, begin on its training. The dog will play and sleep in the first months, especially it will chew your things, because of teeth cutting during this time period. Don't punish your doggie for nibbled slippers and a sofa, the dog wouldn't understand why it had got beans. Get special dog chew toys and dog treats for chewing beforehand.

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The dog should have its own place in the flat. Shake down a blanket on the floor or buy a dog bed for your pet, otherwise you risk to see the dog on your bed. The dog should also know where it would be fed and drunk. It's necessary to wash dog bowls after your dog have already eaten. Little puppies have to be fed often but with child-size portions. Sweets and delicacies from under the table are forbidden to give the puppy by no means.

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Dog training in the flat is a complicated process. First, the dog owner ought to know that the puppy should trust him (her). Dogs choose only one master. They can obey and run the commands of two persons, but the master will be the only one. Never beat and shout at the dog. The puppy should be trained step by step, the first thing is a confidence, the dog should know your voice. Train the dog to a schedule, it should know the time of feeding, walking and bathing. The pet shouldn't be afraid of water. Then get started with dog commands. Basic dog commands are "Leave It", "Come", "Heel", "Down" and "Sit".

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"Leave It". It's forbidden to beat the dog at its early age as this is the time of dog's mind building. If you see your puppy chewing your slipper say "Leave It" loudly and spank it on the bum slightly. The dog will understand that it's not allowed to do that.

"Come". The dog should be trained to run this command by guile. Give it dog treats, favourite dog toy and give a gentle order to the dog when say this command. Your dog shouldn't afraid of you and understand that it's pleasant to run this command.

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"Heel". To train your dog of running this command just put on the dog a collar and pull it to yourself saying "Heel". The dog will understandd what to do with time.

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