Cats and Dogs Living Together: Secret of Good Neighbourhood

Dogs and Cats Living Together



Cats and dogs living together is such a common thing nowadays that it is hard to surprise somebody with it. But let’s talk about what problems can cause such neighbourhood and what you should consider to make your pets’ life comfortable and safe.



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Golden Retriever is Considered to be the Most Cat-friendly Breed


What dogs are good with cats?


Neither every dog will make friends with a cat, nor every cat will stand a dog. But there are dog breeds good with cats you should choose for a home where a cat lives.
Most hunting breeds don’t like cats, as well as small pets like Guinea pigs and chinchillas. There are exceptions, of course, but in most cases Foxterrier will look at a cat with a bit different than just friendly interest. Gun dogs and Spaniels are more cat friendly dogs because they are genetically tuned to other “fur and feather”. But Whippets, Greyhounds, earth dogs and terriers can make an unpleasant “surprise”. If you want to adopt one of these breeds you should take a puppy to an adult cat or to upbring fur babies from their childhood together. But stay alert in any case, because the prey drive can show itself suddenly. The most cat friendly dogs are considered to be following:



What about dog friendly cats? British Shorthair doesn’t like dogs. It has a Nordic temper, is independent and doesn’t tend to excessive slops. So do Persian cats. They seem to be phlegmatic, but they are always ready to put out their claws. It can occur in a game with a dog when something goes wrong. So what cats are good with dogs? It depends on character of a particular animal, but you should look closer at Abyssinian cat and Canadian Sphinx. They are playful, tender and dog-friendly.



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Introducing Cat to Dog



Even when your dog and cat breeds are friendly towards each other, you should know what is the best way to introduce a dog to a cat. Let them get known each other in calm atmosphere. The worst mistake is to force them to become friends. Meeting itself is a stressful situation for animals. So they need time and you need patience. Let your dog and cat sniff each other, look around. Create conditions when the animals can be alone and rest from each other. Buy or make a special cat house where your kitten can hide from everyone.



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Rules for Dogs and Cats Living Together


Follow these recommendations if you want your pets to live happily together:


  • The first cat-dog conflict drive is food aggression. So you should set apart feeding zones for the cat and the dog.
  • Don’t sic your dog on the cat. For somebody such a piece of advice seems strange. But some owners give the dog the “hunt cat away” command fooling. If the animals hardly know each other it can result in a disaster.
  • Don’t leave the pets unattended. You can be at ease only if they live together for a long time without conflicts. Close them in different rooms when you have to leave them alone.
  • If one animal is sick, isolate it from others. The case is not in common infections. The weaker animal can be considered to be a prey by the stronger one, especially if the behaviour of the sick animal has become weird (limping, wheezing, etc.).

We wish your pets be healthy and make best friends!