Dogue de Bordeaux

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Dogue de Bordeaux

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NEW ARRIVALS - Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux is better known as French Mastiff. This dog has iron grip, however it is very kind and loving canine. Dogue de Bordeaux adores children and as you know not every dog is comfortable with them. Dogue de Bordeaux becomes really fearful only when feels danger. One steely glance of the dog is enough as usual, but if it needs to fight, it is never yield.

Best Harness for Dogue de Bordeaux

Some people consider Dogue de Bordeaux to be aggressive and dangerous dogs, but this is untrue. These dogs, as many other undeservingly accused canines, are good tempered, patient, tolerant to children and loving their owners' pets. These clam and stressful dogs are perfect companions if they were trained, socialized and educated properly.

Dogue de Bordeaux Temperament

Dogue de Bordeaux is not only a friendly canine, but also a faithful guardian. It won't bark for nothing and won't attack anybody during a walk, but the dog will protect its territory confidently. The dog can guard your property and you. It is difficult to find such a tender dog as Dogue de Bordeaux if you have good relations with it. These dogs will live in harmony with all your family members. They are tolerant to other animals, but sometimes can chase cat without doing any harm to them. Dogue de Bodreaux can stand being alone. The dog won't forgive you humiliation and physical punishment. All that you need is to win love and respect of your Dogue de Bordeaux and you will have a devoted friend forever.

Dogue de Bordeaux Training

The dog, which is grown up and trained with love and reasonable firmness will never become an aggressive animal. The first and the most important stage of Dogue de Bordeaux training is socialization, which should be started in the age of 8-16 weeks. The charater of the dog depends on its communication with other animals. Though Dogue de Bordeaux doesn't like training, it understands everything very well. Make your training sessions interesting for the dog to achieve success.

Dogue de Bordeaux Harness UK

Dogue de Bordeaux is a guard dog, but professional trainers and breeders don't recommend to develop aggressive qualities of the canine. This is because Dogue de Bordeaux has explosive temper. Train your puppy while playing till the age of 6 months. Then, start obedience training. The dog will easily learn basic commands, just don't forget to repeat your training from time to time to refresh in your dog's memory the commands running. Treat and reward your Bordeaux after each training.

Dogue de Bordeaux Care

It is not recommended to keep Dogue de Bordeaux outside. These dogs need to be nearby their owners. There are 2 mistakes in Dogue de Bordeaux care: overfeeding and keeping in close quarters. This short-haired dog isn't difficult to take care of. Brush and bathe Dogue de Bordeaux regularly. Wipe wrinkles on its muzzle after each eating to avoid unpleasant smell. Wipe its eyes with a paper towel or a damp cloth several times a day to prevent irritations. Clean its ears regularly. Trim the dog's nails if they are too long. Teeth brushing is also a very important procedure, which your Bordeaux should be got used from the puppyhood. If no - give your dog special dental care toys. Consult with a vet if you see irritations, reddening on the dog's body or any other signs of ill health.

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Dogues de Bordeaux with Leather and Nylon Harnesses

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