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Meet our own collection of bite sleeves for professional dog training. Our dog store in the UK produces and can offer you a top quality dog equipment for IGP and Mondioring, attack dog training, guard dog training, dog obedience training, police K9 training, protection dog training, and as always for puppy training. High grade bite sleeves. Great comfort in using our dog training supplies.We offer discounts for helpers and trainers. Just contact us.
Worldwide shipping. Fast delivery to UK. Due to the weight all bite arms are shipped by EMS Express. Just choose this option.
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Watch the Video of GSD and Other Dogs Training with Bite Sleeve

Bite equipment is an indispensable dog outfit for bite training and sport. And our bite sleeves will help the dog owner to build and develop correct dog grip, bite skills and instincts. The dog should bite and hold the protection sleeve of the dog trainer or helper. Thus, our bite sleeves are the best outfits for dog protection and agitation training. Read our article about the types of dog training.

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Dog Bite Training Sleeve
Dog Bite Sleeve for Bandog Training

Besides, protection sleeves are chosen due to the age and breed of the dog. That`s why, our online dog shop offers you bite sleeves, protection sleeves, training sleeves, soft sleeves for puppy training, intermediate dog sleeves, IGP and bite protection sleeves, trial bite sleeves and the bite covers. All the dog sleeves are designed according to the dog breeds’ weight and strength. By the way, all the dog gear is approved by the best vets UK and the professional dog trainers, so you may keep calm for your dog`s health during training and exercising.

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Dog Sleeve for Malinois Training
Malinois Training with Our Equipment


All the dog training supplies are made of the best quality materials, such as  jute and French linen, which make the dog sleeves and bite covers an extra durable, but very soft and comfort dog items. So, your favourite and you will certainly like our pet products, which will serve you both for a long time.


So you are welcome to see and choose a bite training equipment for your own taste and purchase. And if you need some advice of consultation about our pet products, you are welcome to ask us any question you need an answer. Enjoy your shopping and make your dog`s day!

Review of Revolutionary Bite Protection Sleeve

Some reviews from our customers:


1. Bite sleeve for professional dog training PS14

Hi Guy,
Thanks for this beautiful and strong sleeve our Rottweilers are always looking forward to work when they see us getting ready to fit the sleeve. It has demonstrated to be strong yet easy to adjust for each different dog bite. Thanks a lot Cosme.

From: Cosme, USA, Florida


2. Protective sleeve for bite suit PS12

Hello Guy,
I received all my training gear an hour after my last e-mail.
Everything looks awesome, it is obvious you take pride putting together your equipment. Everything looks very well made, and my dog Soldier, and part time helper Kenny, had a great first set with the bite building sleeve. Thanks, and will be looking forward to my next order.

From: Gregory, USA


3. Bite sleeve PS26

I ordered this bite sleeve on a Friday and it had arrived by 7.30am Tuesday morning. Would like to say a big thank you for the speedy time of delivery and I would recommend this bite sleeve to anyone. I have 3 Rottweilers and the biggest is 9 stone, he has a lot of power and he's loving the training. Defo getting from here again soon. Chris.

From: Chris, USA