How to Care for Leather Dog Collar, Muzzle, Harness and Lead?

How to Care Genuine Leather Dog Supplies?

Natural leather is justly considered one of the finest materials for high-quality dog products production. Full grain genuine leather is smooth to the touch and causes no discomfort to a dog. Leather is hypoallergic and non-toxic. It doesn't rub or irritate the dog's skin. Leather is pleasant by feel for the dog in any season because it does not take on the ambient temperature. Proper care provides long-term use of leather dog supplies and keeps their nice look.

Leather Care BalmPreparation for use of leather dog gear:

It is advisable to process a leather product in compliance with the following technology:

1. A new leather dog accessory is lubricated inside and out with a leather care balsam having used a cotton pad or a brush.

2. Wait 15-20 min. when a balm is spread on the whole surface of the leather item for its full absorption.

The correct care is needed for each leather dog product. Cleaning from saliva, dust, dirt, grass etc. is strongly advised after every going out. A dirty leather accessory a source of infection!

How to Care for Leather

Leather care guide:

Maintain the item in clean and dry condition.

Keep the product soft and prolong its service life with a leather care balm.

Avoid direct sunlight and contact with water, open fire, heaters and fireplaces to prevent color fading and leather roughness.

Clean stubborn dirt with a toothbrush or a soft cloth and mild soap solution.

Wipe the accessory with clean and dry cloth after washing.

Leather outfits are unsuitable for bathing, swimming and walking in heavy rain. Wipe the item with a dry cloth and let it dry at room temperature if it got wet. Oil leather with balsam when it is dried.

How to Care for Leather Dog CollarUse a special ventilated bag of natural fabric (cotton, linen) to hold the accessory and keep it from excessive dryness, dust and humidity.

Store leather supplies beyond the dog's reach to prevent them from chewing.


It is expressly unadvisable:

  • to treat leather supplies with vegetable oil;
  • to use lubricating and automobile oils;

Leather Care Instructions

  • to dip the whole leather item into oil for impregnation;
  • to change design and construction of leather products on your own.

Take this advice to prolong service life of leather dog harness, muzzle, collar and leash. The accessories will look like new and you won't have extra expenses for buying new dog equipment ahead of time.

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