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Our pet supermarket is glad to offer you the best easy walk Staffy harnesses for all purposes. All our Staffy harnesses are made of genuine leather, nylon and are very popular among Staffy owners for their long-term use, stylish design and multifunctionality in dog sport and everyday life. We have Staffy harnesses for professional and daily use. We are glad to offer you special discounts if you are a wholesale customer. We provide prompt global shipping from the producer directly! Contact us via our e-mail if you have any questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to help you in choosing and ordering the best products in our online store!
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Our Staffy harnesses are of the highest quality. You can use them for dog training, weight pulling, for safe walks with your Staffy and also for dog shows and rings. Top-class Staffy harness will serve you for a long time and will provide your dog with the greatest comfort. We have spiked leather harnesses, studded harnesses, designer dog harnesses, all-weather nylon harnesses and even dog harness for postoperative period. Your Staffy will always be the centre of attention in our dog harness! Staffy harnesses from Fordogtrainers have the best qualities. They are made of the custom made finest materials and allow maximum adjustment.


Many Staffy handlers are interested what is better for their active dogs – a chest dog harness or a dog collar? The difference between the dog harness and dog collar is in different loads. What does this mean? When Staffy pulls on the leash, its the neck isn't squeezed as if it was in the dog collar, thus the dog doesn't cough and wheeze. It is not recommended to wear harnesses on little puppies apart from specialized small dog harnesses, which don't cause problems with spine and limbs. Choosing Staffy harness you have to be so earnest, as well as choosing the dog muzzle.

Read more information about choosing the right harness for your Staffy.

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Dog Bite Sleeve UK

Dog Bite Sleeve UK Is an Essential Tool for Staffy Attack Training

Staffy is widely used as a guard dog. Staffy is trained to secure its owner in dangerous situations, to obey him (her) whatever the circumstances, to be loyal towards other people and to response at any situation during protective dog training. As a result, you have an obedient and understanding Staffy. Protective training also gives physical and mental development for the dog. Staffy is trained to protect its owner and to attack the stranger. Dog bite sleeve UK is used for this training. Bite sleeve for training UK helps also to develop and improve Staffy bite skills and to build full mouth grip of the dog. When Staffy is trained with dog bite sleeve UK, its temper becomes more balanced, the dog is more confident. Undesirable behaviour disappears, the dog is more socialized, disciplined. Moreover, bite sleeve for training UK is an indispensable tool in sports competitions such as IGP and others.
Bite Sleeve for Training UK

Bite Sleeve for Training UK to Protect the Leg from Bites

Every dog bite sleeve UK we offer is approved by the leading trainers and vets, certified and is used in international sports competitions. The materials we use for our bite sleeves for training UK producing are ever-safe, super durable, convenient, light-weighted and hard-wearing. Be sure Staffy training with dog bite sleeve UK you've chosen in our online dog store becomes effective and successful!

See the widest choice of our bite sleeves for training UK.

Dog Bite Sleeve UK Bite Sleeve for Training UK Dog Bite Sleeve UK

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