Dog Winter Advice

How to Keep Your Dog's Health in Winter?

1. Protect your dog against respiratory diseases. Our furry friends can also catch cold. That is why pay great attention to your dog's health in cold season.

2. Watch your dog to feel warm. Don't overcool your dog, this can lead to cold diseases. If you have noticed that your dog fell ill, consult a vet.

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3. Do not allow the dog to be frostbitten, especially if you have a short-haired pet. Examine your dog's ears, tale and paws after each walk in frosty weather. If you see red, white or grey spots on them, this is frostbite most likely. Wrap the dog with a warm blanket and call on the vet immediately.

4. Pay attention to chronic illnesses of your dog. Many canine diseases, for example arthritis, become active in cold season. Consult with the vet concerning treatment and prevention of a disease in winter.

5. Refuse long walks in winter to prevent dog overcooling. 10-15 min. will be enough for a walk, but this doesn't mean the dog needs no physical exercising. Play with your dog at home, teach it new tricks and commands.

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6. Don't allow the dog to run on the ice and glaze frost. Sliding on the ice can lead to ligament tension and traumas of the dog. This is especially so with large dog breeds, which a prone to dysplasia of joints. Walk the dog on the leash.

7. Hold toxic substances far off your dog. This rule is important to keep always. Dogs are very curious and some chemicals may seem to be attractive for them. Antifreeze is the very thing. 20 gr of this agent is a fatal dose for the dog.

Follow these cautions and your dog will be healthy in cold season!

You are welcome to choose dog toys to keep your pet's fit in winter.

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