German Shepherd, Service and Rescue Dog

German Shepherd Breed History and General Information

by Ilya Melnikov

Shepherds are a group of dogs, who are able not only to guard and protect the flock, but who also have a special shepherd instinct. This instinct is being propagated generation after generation. You can easily teach these dogs to gather the flock and to make any other actions to help the herdsman in control.

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German Shepherd Is Ideal for SAR Work

The Indian wolf and an ancient dog of the Bronze Age are considered the ancestors of the Shepherds. The dogs who were born in the result of such breeding resembled Huskies and had some species, which later formed independent breeds.

The most wide spread is German Shepherd, who has been used as a service dog for tracking and as a military dog since the 19th century. This breed is being spread quickly all over the globe. The dogs of the breed have strong stature and beautiful exterior. Their fell is smooth and can protect them well at bad weather. Their glance is smart, vivid, their movements are elastic, bouncy and restraint. They can be of different colour, the most common is patterned, but you can also see spotty-grey and black dogs. German Shepherds of white color are not breed in Europe, but they are extremely popular in America.

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GSD Is Widely Used in Police and Service Work

The German Shepherd is the most popular and the most manifold service dog in the world. It is watchful, brave, very active and agile. It is very receptive, rather easy-to-train for any task. It has great working capacity and very well developed senses of hearing and smell. This harmonic combination of many positive features allows German Shepherds using in a variety of situations.

German (East European) Shepherd

This dog was breed in Germany, where it had been used for herding and guarding of sheep flocks for many years. In the end of the 19th century the breed, which wasn't very well known for that time, was first successfully used for military service tracking. The new employment brought the East European Shepherd instant popularity and helped it to spread all over the world.

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Shepherd Is Your Secure Guardian and Faithful Friend

A direct, thorough selection and planned breeding contributed to shaping of an excellent dog breed, which is very fit for the conditions of the Eastern Europe. The German Shepherds of the Eastern European type are taller, of a drier body and can stand severe nature conditions.

The German Shepherds of the Eastern European type has very keen smelling, vivid and mistrustful character, endurance and good education abilities. This dog breed is used for different kinds of service.

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