Dog Leash for a Harness

How to Choose a Leash for Dog Harness or Collar?

We have to pay your attention to the details speaking about such a simple thing as a leash. You should know that two leashes of different lengths are needed for dog training and walking:

  • short leash (about 2 m)
  • long leash (about 8 m)

Leather Dog Leash UK

Strong, Convenient and Stylish Leather Dog Leash

Leather dog leashes are more decorative speaking about dog control. Leather dog leash needs special care because it may tear under constant infulense of wet. However, leather leads are perfect for everyday activities in sunny and dry weather. They add classy style to a dog. If you need the leash for all-weather walking and training, it is better to choose a nylon one.

Nylon Dog Leash UK

Nylon Dog Leashes Are Wet and Water-Resistant

Do not buy rough dog leash. You can "burn" your hands with it. Choose thick two-layer soft nylon. Choosing nylon dog leash you should pay attention to its width. The optimal width is about 20 mm (2 cm).

Short Dog Leash UK

Short Dog Leash for Long Lead Fastening

Of course any high-quality dog leash should be sewn near the ring and loop (handle). It is better if the leash will be riveted in these places. The ring is to be welded and the snap hook with a swivel helps to prevent the leash from tangling during walking or training.

You can choose nylon lead, leather leash or chain lead for dog walking and training.

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