Tennis Balls Are Dangerous Toys for Dogs

What Dog Toys are Safe? What About Tennis Balls?

Tennis balls are found in almost every household and are extremely popular for dogs. A dog doesn't play with the ball, but takes it into its mouth, plays with it and carry it around or chewing it around.

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Tennis balls are made as follows:

Sheep wool and nylon are spun into yarn and then woven with a cotton thread. After impregnation, the fibers are cut. The back of the felt is coated with hot glue. Dog bone-shaped pieces are cut out of the felt and glued to the ball. Beneath the surface there is a rubber bladder, consisting of natural rubber and various chemicals. Most tennis balls are so-called pressure balls. In the manufacturing process a capsule is inserted before the two half shells of the rubber core are assembled. In the heat of the press machine the capsule undergoes the gaseous nitrogen, which provides the internal pressure of the ball.

Why are tennis balls inappropriate for dog doys?

Nylon fibers make felt abrasion resistant and durable - and act in the dog's mouth like sandpaper. Even if the dog carries only the tennis ball in its mouth and doesn't chew, the whole teeth and enamel over time can be sanded down to stumps. Fine fibers can slip unnoticed between the teeth and gums and cause painful inflammation. Also, sand or dirt that stucks into the felt layer are harmful to the dog's teeth. When dog chews and feels the steams from unhealthy chemical softeners and nitrogen, it is very unpleasant for the fine dog's nose, and can seriously affect the olfactory power for hours. Cracking such dog ball and eating rubber pieces can lead to intestinal obstruction.

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Fortunately, there are many alternatives. In pet shops you obtain suitable tennis balls with felt imitation, which is primarily made from cotton fibers for dogs. The balls are filled with air, gas and without internal pressure. In their production toxic substances and adhesives are not used. These balls can be good, they can swim and are practical because they are washable in a washing machine. Well suited for playing, the balls are made of rubber or mesh balls, on what any sand and dirt can hardly stick.

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