How to Choose a Muzzle - Types

How to Pick the Right Dog Muzzle

Dog muzzle is a must for all our barking friends. It is not only about safety of other people and animals. It is important in following situations:

  • trip in public transport
  • vet visit
  • obedience training
  • daily walking to prevent picking up from the ground

Also a dog muzzle keeps relationships with your neighbors warm and friendly: it doesn't matter how calm and kind your big dog is, there are people who will be angry with your dog imagining themselves or their children bitten. Especially sensitive could even poison your dog.

So the muzzle is an irreplaceable K9 accessory to protect both your dog and everybody around. But if you want your dog to feel safe and comfortable, you should choose it taking into account its intended use and anatomical peculiarities of your pet.

Designer Dog Muzzle with Painting

Muzzle Means Safety for Your Dog First of All

We have already given you a detailed instruction how to measure your dog for correct muzzle size, so this article is about types of dog muzzles. We are going to review their material, design and functionality.

Wire cage dog muzzles are chosen by owners of large potentially dangerous breeds. Cage made of nickel plated wire close dog's mouth up to its eyes, but there is enough room inside. Dog muzzles by our company are lined on the nose area as metal rubs dog's snout causing itch and pain. Padded metal dog muzzle is good for Doberman, Great Dane, Rottweiler.

Doberman Muzzle of Wire

Doberman Wearing Our Wire Cage Dog Muzzle


  • metal basket inhibits biting
  • allows to breathe freely - can be used in hot weather
  • wearproof - is not afraid of sharp teeth and strong claws
  • does not require regular cleaning


  • when it is hot outside wet under the padding can cause rash
  • cannot be used when it freezes as your dog's tongue and lips may stick to metal. There is special basket dog muzzle covered with rubber for winter
  • it is not recommended to let it contact with water - even the most qualitative material can corrode
  • active and powerful dog can leave bruises on your arms and legs as hit with a metal dog muzzle can hurt

Leather basket dog muzzle is a good alternative to metal basket. Such a muzzle embraces dog's snout fixing it up to its eyes. As a rule, dog's nasal planum is opened. Our leather basket dog muzzles are designed with holes all over the surface. Secure fixing provides safety for everybody around: a traditional nape strap and an additional forehead strap. Such a muzzle is used by dog trainers for potentially dangerous breeds such as German Shepherd, Pitbull, Amstaff.

German Shepherd Muzzle

Heavy Duty Leather Dog Muzzle


  • no possibility to bite
  • prevents picking up things from the ground
  • does not rub dog's snout
  • suits for freezing and wet weather
  • aggressive dog will not hit painfully with a muzzle


  • your dog cannot breathe putting out its tongue, so it is forbidden to use such a muzzle in the hot weather and while long training sessions

Mesh leather muzzles are ordered by owners of medium and large good-tempered dogs - Labrador, medium Terrier, Collie. Soft leather straps interlaced in a shape of a basket and fixed with rivets do not rub your pet's skin leaving enough space inside.

Tervuren Muzzle

Leather Dog Muzzle with Good Air Flow


  • a dog feels comfortable wearing a flexible muzzle
  • allows a dog to breath taking out its tongue
  • allows to drink
  • suits any weather
  • an animal looks less aggressive in comparison with metal or basket leather ones


  • design does not eliminate biting
  • some dogs can learn how to pick up litter through the leather mesh
  • not so durable as narrow leather straps can wear out and tear because of dog's teeth
  • requires regular cleaning and washing. You should cover it with balsam leather care or camphor oil from time to time

Plastic dog muzzle is a basket where dog's snout is apparently free - your pet can breathe with a tongue taken out. Such muzzles are appreciated by owners of hunting and sporting dogs that take part in competitions. Plastic is very light-weighted, it does not make additional load while intensive training.

Safe Plastic Dog Muzzle

Light-Weighted Plastic Dog Muzzle


  • biting is impossible
  • safe to use in any weather
  • is not afraid of water - your dog can walk in the rainy weather and even swim
  • easy to clean
  • does not hinder breathing


  • plastic can crack because of a hit, so such a muzzle does not suit large aggressive dogs
  • low temperature can cause cracking
  • rub dog's snout if is worn for a long time

Soft nylon muzzle suits small and decorative breeds, such as Dachshund, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier. Such a muzzle tights dog's snout, it does not allow an animal to breathe taking out its tongue, pick up things from the ground and drink. Dog's nasal planum is opened or closed with a plastic/rubber detail. It suits all weather and saves owner's hands from biting while unpleasant procedures (claws cutting, anal glands expression, etc.).

Usual muzzles do not fit dogs with short snouts - Bulldog, Shar-Pei, German Boxer, Dogue de Bordeaux. Our company produces special muzzles for such breeds according to their peculiarities. Contact us to get useful recommendations how to choose a dog muzzle.

Leather Muzzle

  Australian Shepherd Feels Comfortable in Our Leather Muzzle