Dog Spring Pole

Do You Know What Dog Spring Pole Is?

Spring pole is a competition in hanging on a rope.

The first championship was run in the USA.

Dog Spring Pole Training

Basic Dog Training with Solid Ball on Rope for Spring Pole

Dogs show their persistence, stamina and power in spring pole. Physiologically, hanging on the rope aids adrenaline rush and helps to develop and to strengthen different sets of muscles. Some dogs like this entertainment, during which lack of canine's energy is burnt. Some dogs need to do this kind of sport through their born energy.

What Dogs Can Take Part in Spring Pole?

Various breeds can compete in dog spring pole, but the main participants are American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. Dogs aged 12 months are allowed. Healthy dogs with good lungs and heart, strong joints, anatomic bite and powerful jaws will reach success in spring pole.

Dog Spring Pole Rules

The rope (cord or canvas belt) is fixed on reliable holder. There is special soft tug (biting area) that is attached to loose end of the rope strictly parallel the ground (so that the dog could hold the tug firmly). The distance between the biting area and the ground should be 1.5 m max. The distance depends on the dog's size. The dog should stand on hindpaws holding the tug. The dog can jump and snatch at the rope in the air, but it should touch the ground only with the hind feet.

Spring Pole Dog Training

Puppy Bite Tug for Full Mouth Grip Building

The start is marked at the distance of 5 m from the spring pole. The dog is led to the start at the command "Ready!" The dog can be on a loose leash or without it. Handler shows the dog moving direction and cheers it at the command "Steady!" The dog runs to the spring pole at the command "Go!"

The dog should catch the tug and hold it. Three tries are allowed for doing this task. 5 min. is max time for every participant.

It is forbidden to touch the dog or the spring pole while the canine is hanging. The dog is got out of the springpole with voice or mechanically.

The judges give the dogs points depending on the time they hung on the rope: 10 seconds – 1 point (time is rounded up).

Dog Spring Pole UK

Professional Dumbbell for Spring Pole Exercising

There are also extra points:

  • 1 point - for excitable work
  • 1 point – for getting out the dog with voice (5 sec. are given)

Demerit points:

  • 5 points - for wrong start (the dog refuses to the spring pole)
  • 5 points – for repeated start

Disqualification – for provocations, fights etc.

All points that every dog gained are summed up after the competition.

Dog Spring Pole Training

Start dog training for spring pole from the puppyhood. Allow the dog to satisfy its need in chewing by getting specialized dog chew toys and balls. Train your dog with professional bite tugs. Choose the bite tug according to the dog's age. The bite tug should be made of safe for dog's health and teeth materials, such as jute, French Linen, fire hose and leather. Train the dog carry in mouth heavy items as it grows up. You can use dog training dumbbells for this exercise. Play tug of war with the dog. Use puller.

Spring Pole Dog Toy

Bite Tug to Develop Canine's Biting Skills

Such games help to develop in the dog challenge spirit, passion, resistance. Puppy should be interested in these games, to sink its teeth into the rope and to run after it eagerly.

Spring pole is the next level after training with bite tugs and rope. Some dogs like when the spring pole hangs low to have an opportunity to wrap the paws around it. The other ones like to catch the tug when jump and to hang on the spring pole. That is why the distance between the rope and the ground depends on the dog’s preference. If the spring pole hangs low, increase the height gradually so that the dog didn’t notice the difference and hadn’t lost interest in training. Set time limits for hanging in the beginning of training. Start with no longer than 5 min. The time of hanging is increased gradually, but it's not recommended the dog to be trained more than 15 min. for one set. The dog can do several sets a day, but with necessary breaks.

Useful equipment to start spring pole training, click on the pictures!

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