Heel as Command for Safe Dog Walking ➠

Heel: So Dog Follows Its Owner Without Leash

Heel is a very important command to help even during off leash walking. Train your dog to heel to be sure it remains beside you even without its leash. The training should begin when the animal is still a puppy, in the age of about ten weeks.

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Training a dog to heel: Assign a side

Training a dog to heel ensures that the dog stays beside you even walking without leash. Before you straight begin to train the indispensable command to heel firstly determine your pet the side it must follow you. Most owners use left hand to hold the leash, which is why the preferred side for your dog should be left.

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Lead your four-legged on a slack leash beginning teaching your dog to heel

If up to now your dog always walked only on a leash don't set it free on the spot. Instead, go for a walk choosing a long leash. Choose so long leash that it slacks during dog walking. So the dog isn't held "on track" with pulling of the leash, but follows you of its own free will.

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Heel: Dog treats are helpful

Heel is not so easy command to train. That's why dog treats could be helpful. Once you have assigned left side for walk with you, direct yourself in the appropriate position. This means: You stand, the dog sits to your left side. Lift your left foot and articulate "heel". Then move your foot forward slowly as you would step over an obstacle. If the dog follows your foot, it does everything correctly and now you may give a treat. The dog treat should be taken out only from the left pocket. As so the dog will note this to be the right side for "Heel!".

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