Dog-Dartbee, a kind of frisbee sports appeared as a combination of regular dog-Frisbee and darts.

The Mark-Up
The mark-up for dog-dartbee has several circles drawn on the surface of the competition field and resembling the darts target mark-up.

The 4-th circle (the biggest one) – has the diameter of 6.5 m
The 3-the circle – has the diameter 4,5 m. You can get 30 points for catching the frisbee plate in this area.
The 2-nd circle – has the diameter of 2.5 m, you get 50 points for catching the plate here.
The 1-st circle (the central one) the smallest circle of the target, its diameter is only 50 cm. 100 points are given for catching the plate within it.
0 points are given for catching the plate outside of the 4th circle.

The start zone, where an athlete stands and fetches the plate, is situated 15 m away from the 4th circle, so the distance to the center of the target is 18.25 m.

Points Count:

1. The points are given according to the position of the two forepaws of the dog at the moment, when the plate is catched and according to the landing place right after the catching. 

2. If two forepaws happen to be in different point zones, the points are given as to the least successful zone. Though if the plate is catched with at least one forepaw in the central zone, 100 points are given.

3. One team can make 5 fetches, the total amount of all points is considered.

4. If the teams claiming for the top places have equal point amount, each one fetches the plate once again, the results are then added to the teams' total point amount. An so on till the winner is defined.

5. It is prohibited to train the dog on the marked dog-dartbee field before the competition.

6. It is prohibited to show the dogs with choke and choke-chain collars.
7. Participation of estrus bitches and aggressive dogs is prohibited.

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