How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead

The Dog is Pulling on a Lead: Why and What to Do?

One of the most widespread complaints of dog owners of their pets` behaviour - the dog pulling on lead. It is difficult to deny catastrophic consequences of this bad habit. The majority of dog owners are irritated, walk a little and in bad mood, let off the dog leash in the most improper places (for example, by the side of the roads) or in the wrong time (in heat). And all these because of extremely difficulties when dog pulling on leash during walking.

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In addition, the constant pressure on the dog`s neck and leash pulling often lead to neck injuries (from trachea injuries on out to cervical vertebra injuries). Pains in cervical vertebra can lead to other more complicated behavioural problems.

Why the problem of dog pulling on the leash is so widespread? There are several reasons of such dog behaviour:

1. The most common cause is when the dog pulls on the leash somewhere and we follow him. This keeps the dog pulling there, where he wants to go. As his handler follows him.

2. Leash jerks. Embarrassing and cripply it may sound, but leash jerks are also teach our dogs pulling. We slack the dog lead before jerking and then give a strong pull. The dog associates the leash slacking with the neck pain.

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3. Overexcitement. When the dog pulls in any direction wherever the dog owner goes, looses of the dog lead, keeps on barking, can't keep its mind on something, rushes to and fro. It`s a difficult task to wean such a dog off pulling. You need to reduce excitement of your dog for a start (it`s better to ask a dog behaviour trainer for help), and only after that to get to work with a problem of dog leash tension.

4. The dog is walked on a dog lead roulette sometimes or regularly. We won`t pay attention to the eternal dispute about using the dog leash roulette, but the matter is that the principle of the roulette is the lead extending so the dog gets there where he wants. Moreover, the dog gets used to a constant tension of the lead roulette rather quickly and accepts this as norm.

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