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Chain Collars MC

A large supply of metal dog collars by Fordogtrainers. We present a wide range of rust-proof collars for dog training: pinch collars, martingale collars, dog chokers etc. They must be used only after consultation with a professional dog trainer. You can also find a great variety of dog show collars of thin chain. The most popular materials are chrome plated steel and non-allergenic curogan. There are also upgraded models with a nylon or leather loop. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail
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 Be advised, different types of chain dog collars have different requirements for sizing.

How to measure your dog for a slip dog collar or a martingale collar

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How to Size Chain Dog Collar

Dog Chocker Sizing Scheme

Measure your dog's neck circumference in its widest area (along the ears and under the snout as you see at the picture). Add 2-3 inches to this value and get a correct size of the collar for your dog. Please, fill all the fields while placing your order. Our specialists will check the proper size.

How to measure your dog for a quick release dog collar

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to Measure a Dog

Quick Release Prong Collar Sizing Scheme

Size up your dog's neck along the green line at the picture. Every such a dog collar has its own size. If your dog's neck is bigger you can order additional links.

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We recommend use metal collars for training purposes only. never leave your dog unattended with a prong collar in order to prevent injuring of your pet. Such collars mustn't be put on through the head. You must unfasten a link first, and then put the collar on your dog's neck.